Professional Competence

Room4All combine skills of engineers, architects and qualified business partners. The approach is used to develop eco-friendly and sustainable housing.

Made in Germany


Built to German Standards
Room4All’s residential units are manufactured at its Dortmund site with quality and requirements according to German standards.


German Engineers, Architects, Contractors
From draft to production to construction – our experts supervise every step and control that every unit meets German requirements.

Ecological and Economical Efficient


Energy Efficiency
The energy consumption for production and operation of Room4All’s residential production is under average. It is he result of using steel instead of concrete for a better insulation.


Ecological Efficiency
In the environment’s interest Room4All focus on eco-efficient manufacturing keeping products in a closed cycle. 


Full-featured and durable


Flexible usage
Thanks to the inherent flexibility of overseas containers, Room4all’s engineers and architects can draft multiple utilization concepts that range from living and office space to sales floors. Individual solutions like canteens or administration offices are feasible as well.


Long operational life span
Overseas containers are made of corten steel, making them practically indestructible and insensitive to weather effects. And our steel boasts superior durability in material: It features a durability of 250 years – far more than concrete (200 years) or wood (12 years), respectively.

Manufactured quickly, delivered on time


Unmatched Mobility
Just like the original overseas containers, our containers can be hauled by truck, train or ship.


Working very closely with all partners and a close monitoring of all production stages allow Room4all to guarantee that it will adhere to delivery date and price arrangement.