With a low consumption of resources and energy and highly efficient processes Room4All aims to operate as sustainable as possible in both production and distribution. Our products contribute to that by being more flexible, eco-friendly and sustainable than conventional housing. It all makes sense in the interest of customers and environment.

Recycling saves Energy


Recyling and refurbishing saves energy and resources – it shows in the life cycle assessment.


Energy Conservation
Compared to concrete steel offers far better insulation capacity. Less heating means less energy consumption.


Less Resources, less Emissions


Saving Resources
By forbearing to use wood, Room4all helps to save forests. This in turn helps reduce emissions and energy consumption, since the energy-intensive transport of wood as construction material is no longer required.


Reducing CO2 emissions
Conventional housing construction accounts for 16 billion tons of concrete per year and 7 percent of worldwide CO2 emissions. Room4all forgoes concrete completely, making its contribution to reduce CO2 emissions.

Short Haul, less Land Consumption


Short Transport Routes
Manufacturing in Germany allows for short hauls within the EU, which in turn reduces both energy demand and exhaust emissions.


Lessened Land Consumption
Compared to traditional housing, Room4all’s containers do not require an extensive building area. The fact that up to 13 containers can be stacked adds to the savings potential.