Transit Housing

In need of temporary housing for a large number of people? Room4All offers practical, solutions for temporary accommodation. Room4All have deep experience from the German market. Room4all helps you build temporary accommodation that is both available at short notice and scalable. We incorporate our experiences from construction sites in Germany to design your transit housing project with maximum flexibility in mind.

Integrated Design


When it comes to design we have a holistic approach. We understand the assignments that the communities have to take of the refugees and at the same time we understand the refugees that are looking for a safe place to live.


Excellent Scalability

If needed our transit housing solutions can be downsized and increased.

Delivery Time

Our living space is built in Dortmund, Germany. It can be delivered all over Europe.


Low Maintenance Costs

Room4All’s transit housing are well insulated and robust which helps to keep maintenance costs low.

Since steel is much more durable than wood or concrete, the operational life span of our containers is much longer. The corten steel we use features a durability of 100 years.

Some examples of Transit Housing Projects

1. Transit Housing for up to 80 people

Based on the requirement to accommodate groups of 40 up to 80 persons we have developed projects which are flexible and can be constructed quickly.

10 container units amount to a total of 20 rooms for 2 persons each. Each room is 13 square meters in size. It means that 40 persons can be placed on just one floor.

Each floor is equipped with a sanitary area consisting of toilets, 5 zinks, and 4 showers. Plus there is a section with a shared kitchen (including stove and oven) and 4 zinks. A common space allows people to meet and to exchange views.

A two-floor building based on this model provides enough space for up to 80 persons (40 rooms).

A barrier-free entrance on the ground floor allows wheelchair users hassle-free access to the living area. External staircases serve to access the first floor.

All modules are connected. In the middle of each container there is a connection to the neighboring, giving access to shared space (e.g. kitchen, bathroom).

For soundproofing and insulation purposes, the walls and ceilings of all container units are faced with mineral rockwool and two layers of gypsum-lime plaster. A wear-free flooring material protects the floors. Doors and windows feature an average heat transfer coefficient.

2. Sheltering refugees

Having escaped life-threatening situations in their home countries and having endured the dangerous way to Europe, refugees need shelter. Room4all provides living space for refugees and their families to feel safe and well-protected.

Out of civic engagement the idea was born to adapt Room4all’s concept to the surging demand for refugee accommodation. The result is „Transit Housing“, our scalable solution for emergency shelter.

Contrary to using vacant or alienated buildings for temporary accommodation, „Transit Housing“ can be implemented quickly and offers unique flexibility. And the newly built living space can be repurposed near-term once demand has diminished.