Room4All construct homes and transit housing using shipping containers as the steel frame. The homes are eco-friendly and sustainable. Our team of dedicated engineers and architects design housing concepts that can be turned into projects at attractive terms. All production is made in Germany and according to German standards.


Durable and quickly set up


Room4all’s container homes

  • can be built practically anywhere – they withstand extreme cold (45 degrees Celsius below freezing point) as well as heat (40 degrees Celsius) and high levels of humidity,
  • are available on short call,
  • can be erected quickly and easily: After they have been lifted on top of the foundation by a crane, weatherizing takes just a day,
  • brave even extreme weather conditions and natural disasters such as storms or earthquakes.

Low operating costs

Due to the steel structure, Room4All’s residential projects are not just more flexible and sturdy than conventional housing made of wood or concrete. They also keep operating costs low. These figures illustrate the advantages:


  • 55 % stronger than buildings made of wood
  • 25 % more durable than concrete
  • 20 times more durable than wood
  • 20 times lower operating costs compared to concrete

Fully furnished

Our standard living accommodation based on a 40 foot overseas container (12,19 meters x 2,44 meters x 2,59 meters) is equipped with 4 to 6 beds, a built-in kitchen plus a sanitary area featuring a shower, toilet, and sink. Hot water is provided by an instant water heater. As for the interior fittings: Numerous options are available – the choice is yours.

Scalable and efficient

Each container can accommodate 4 to 6 persons. Since up to 13 containers can be stacked, Room4all’s solution excels in providing a large capacity while requiring only very little of the building area available.